Sunday, February 10, 2008

A Very Good Writing Group

Dear Fellow Writer surfing the web:

There are countless writing sites in the internet and you
can just get dizzy choosing which site you'd visit to really help you be a good writer. I was in a situation like you.I wanted to improve my writing and be inspired. I wanted to go to a site where I would never experience being shortchanged. Thank God, I found a really good writer and teacher. Rob Parnell, you'll find out in the website below, is a great teacher; a writer's friend. He doesn't make you feel you are a kindergarten in the field of writing. Obviously, he could have charged more for any of the courses he teaches. But he's a writer's friend more than a writer earning from his writing and teaching. Take it from me. I got a lot of writing tips and push to write again from the first online course I took under him. In fact, I am saving for another online course with him. I'm interested in the fiction writing course with
him "closely" mentoring the me throughout the learning process.

If you're looking for a teacher who you think you can rely on, you can trust,who will walk with you as you struggle with your writing and who will treat you with respect as a fellow writer, here's the site to visit:

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Suyin Jamoralin said...

hi france! i linked your blog to mine! i'll definitely visit again. interesting insights! i'm already looking forward to your next post!