Saturday, February 2, 2008

Meaning of Life

I didn't have any plans of writing an autobiography. That's only for the VIPs in society, I thought. In my more than four decades of reading autobiographies, and biographical novels too, it never occurred to me to place myself along with "people who matter" in society. In the course of my musings, I remembered the thoughts of Eckhart Tolle, a spiritual teacher who was recently introduced to me by a friend. A New Earth, Awakening to Life's Purpose, Eckhart Tolle's bestselling book given to me by a friend, taught me how to deal with the inner voices or sometimes I wish to call them inner demons that steal my peace of mind.

In my musings about autobiographies and biographies being for VIPs only, I realized that the concept of perceiving myself as less than a VIP is a kind of self-flagellation. By saying this, I don't mean I should steal the limelight being a person as important as the Queen of England. By looking at my real worth and meaning as a human being and therefore feeling just as important as the very important persons in society, I undo layers of false perceptions and concepts about my presence in this planet. In my musings I remembered the teachings of Eckhart Tolle. You may want to visit this site:

And for help on how to write a sparkling autobiography, you may like to visit this site:


hayag said...

My dear Franz,
I forced myself to write some comments on your realization in life. It took me quite a time to recognize how important we are in this universe. We don't need social recognition but just a simple acknowledgements or compliments for a job well done.
I will encourage you to write your an affirmation of a dynamic and forgiving are a blessing and a gifted person..
there is a reason of reassuring and to hope after all..with you around..mabuhi ka..franz..

A CO Trainer"s Notebook said...

Thanks for your comment, Eppie. It's good to know your comment about my blog on "meaning of life".

Thanks for encouraging me to write my herstory. Right now I am reading lessons on how to write a sparkling autobiography. I hope I can write my own story in the context of the eras surrounding my joys and pain...France