Thursday, March 26, 2009

Citizenship, My Birthright

It's annoying to read news items on amending the Philippine Constitution at a very unlikely time like now. The Nograles Bill pushes for a 100% ownership of land in the country by foreign firms or corporation. This idea of 100% ownership of land by foreigners makes me squirm. How did this idea get into the Speaker's head?

Should the Nograles Bill get passed into law, can't you imagine right now a queue of foreign firms buying land, then more land, until nothing is left to the Filipino?

The other annoying move is that of Cong. Luis Villafuerte who thinks Congress can just
amend the constitution through a constituent assembly.. What happened to these people's oath taking before they assumed office? Is this move by Cong. Villafuerte in a supposed to be democratic country something we taxpayers deserve? In his heart of hearts, is there no more nerve that feels for what truly is the spirit of a people's crafted amendment?

Senator Pimentel's Right to Reply Bill is another piece of a proposed legislation that is brazenly a travesty of the inherent freedom of the press and the other medium of communication. Why are our so-called voices in our institutions of democracy not listening to us? They are supposed to be doing things in our name.

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