Thursday, March 13, 2008

How to stand the day's stress and be a loving person

Every morning, my ritual is self-healing through EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique). After my rhinitis and my asthma subside I create a positive circle of energy surrounding my whole being through EFT. This healing technique has become so much a part of me that I think I am becoming a better human being because of it.

Not many people believe me though, that EFT can heal. I think it's the programming since childhood that makes people suspicious of any healing outside of the mainstream method: that is, going to a medical doctor and buying the prescription from a drugstore, preferably from a drugstore selling medicine from multi-national drug companies. Any deviation from this programming can be called many names: quackery, superstition or ignorance. I risked being called all of the above for the sake of opening new doors to well-being. I have always thought that leaving one's comfort zones once in a while can make the mind sharper and therefore more useful.

The problem with not being able to leave one's comfort zone is that it makes a person
think of his/her thought patterns as the only correct patterns. This makes a person dangerous in the arena of relationships. We become less loving when we think that our thoughts are better than others.

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